National flood risks & climate change

Emergent exposure of flood inundation hazards under future climate change in New Zealand

Floods are some of New Zealand’s most frequent, most damaging and most disruptive natural hazards. As our climate changes, flooding caused by both increased rainfall and rising sea levels – in coastal areas and on floodplains – is expected to increase.

Man stands knee-deep in flood water

As floods worsen, so will the social, cultural, economic and environmental consequences. Pinpointing exactly which areas are most at risk can be difficult, especially as extreme weather events become more frequent and less predictable.

There’s not a lot of information currently available to central and local government about exactly what infrastructure is at risk. The information produced through this research is urgently needed to help identify high-risk areas and prioritise mitigation and adaptation efforts.

This project has produced flood maps and models that allow practitioners and researchers to identify how flood risk may evolve in their area. These models determine which assets – like buildings, roads, bridges and railway lines – are at risk, on both a regional and national level.

We have created digital elevation models using data collected from councils across New Zealand. We have completed coastal and fluvial/pluvial flood inundation mapping, as a crucial step towards developing a nationwide flood hazard map.

The models produced by this research will be available in open access software called RiskScape, developed by NIWA and GNS Science, to directly help those people whose job it is to manage flood risk. If we can accurately predict the areas of highest risk, we can adapt, minimising harm to New Zealand’s population and economy.


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Research and findings:

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Deep South Challenge seminar:
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