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Anne-Gaelle Ausseil

Primary industries must speed up adaptation to our changing climate

New research projects a significant seasonal shift in pasture production and changes to wine grape flowering across New Zealand under future climate conditions. Long-term adaptation strategies must be adopted at a faster pace across all primary sectors.

culture and cc team

“Tourism is built on the cultural narratives of a place...": Q&A with Priya Kurian, Debashish Munshi and Sandy Morrison

Unique among the NSCs, the Deep South Challenge has a research programme dedicated to understanding the nature of engagement, as well its practice and evaluation. Its major research project looks at the way culture influences people’s decisions about adapting to climate change. This May 2019 Q&A with researchers leading the Culture & Climate Change project foreshadows the team's research results, due out next month.

setting sun from the water

Sea level rise and the law: Who is liable?

A full suite of research papers has just been released looking at the broad question of liability for damage caused by sea level rise. The reports are the work of legal researcher Catherine Iorns (Victoria University of Wellington), whose Deep South Challenge project “Sea level rise, housing and insurance: Liability and compensation” arose from a 2017 “Deep South Dialogue” between researchers, the insurance sector and local and central government.