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Hinerangi Eruera Manuera Murphy (Ngāti Awa)

"Korowai Manaaki: Disaster Resilience," Profile of Vision Mātauranga scholarship recipient, Hinerangi Eruera Manuera Murphy (Ngāti Awa)

E ora ana te mauri o Patutātahi me te awa o Rangitāiki, e manaakitia ana e te iwi, e tiakina ana mo ngā whakatipuranga o muri mai. | To ensure that Rangitāiki River remains part of tomorrow’s plan, the vision demands attention by our people today. – Rangitāiki River Forum

Brewster Glacier

Snow, ice and irrigation in our changing climate

Snow is the perfect place to store water over winter before nature releases it over spring and summer, in time for the irrigation season. The seasonal snow storage acts as an uncontrolled reservoir with the natural release of water into streams aligning well with the needs of growing plants.

Cloud and haze over the southern ocean

DSC Seminar #9 | Clouds, Aerosols and Climate Models

Clouds have a massive effect on our climate. Cloud cover reflects radiation from the sun that would otherwise be absorbed by oceans, raising their temperatures. Cloud cover can also act as a blanket, keeping warmth near the surface. With Adrian McDonald (University of Canterbury) and Vidya Varma (NIWA).