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Recruiting: Senior Communications Advisor for the Deep South Challenge based at NIWA

This is an exciting opportunity to apply your communications skills to a critical environmental science challenge facing the nation and be part of a highly regarded Communications team.

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Vision Mātauranga - Request For Proposals

Kia hiwa rā, kia hiwa rā, kia hiwa rā!

Engagement Programme: Opportunities for funding

Do you have an idea for Engagement about the Deep South Challenge (DSC)?
Can you think of innovative ways to help New Zealanders to make more informed decisions about climate change research?
Are there new ideas that you'd like to test about climate change engagement?

Watch the video below, or read the following guidance, on ways to connect with the Engagement Programme through the Contestable funding process.

Engagement Update
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Deep South Challenge - 2017 Contestable Funding Round

The mission of the Deep South National Science Challenge is to enable New Zealanders to adapt, manage risk, and thrive in a changing climate.  Working with communities and industry we will bring together new research approaches to determine the impacts of a changing climate on our climate-sensitive economic sectors, infrastructure and natural resources to guide planning and policy.  This will be underpinned by improved knowledge and observations of climate processes in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica - our Deep South - and will include development of a world-class earth systems model to predict Aotearoa-New Zealand's climate.

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Dialogue: a path forward

The Impacts and Implications programme is funding research that will help New Zealanders manage risk, adapt and thrive in a changing climate. Part of that funding follows a fairly traditional process, with scientists applying for money to fund research they consider valuable – that funding will be allocated by the end of this summer. However, a second part of the Impacts and Implications funding follows a more collaborative process, with scientists and stakeholders engaging in a facilitated dialogue event to identify tractable research questions that are relevant to important decisions in New Zealand society.  From this process, the Deep South Challenge will then fund research to answer those questions, ideally supported by stakeholders with either in-kind contributions or co-funding.  Wilbur Townsend outlines the year ahead.

Engagement Strategy and Executive Summary

The Engagement Strategy for the Deep South Challenge (DSC) outlines the goal and objectives of the Engagement Programme and describes background research, practical workstreams and example activities for delivery of these objectives. This strategy was approved by the DSC Board in December 2015 and further updated and approved in December 2016 to reflect greater clarity around intra-Challenge linkages.

Engagement News Update
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New funding for Deep South National Science Challenge

The Deep South National Science Challenge today announced new funding for seven new scientific research projects to help New Zealanders better understand their future climate.