Taking the Pulse of the Ross Sea Outflow

NIWA vessel Tangaroa on the ice near penguins

Project Duration: July 2017 - July 2019

Project budget: $300,000 (GST excl.)

The outflow of water from under the Ross Ice Shelf is instrumental in determining the water properties along the East Antarctic shelf and the deep water properties of the Southern Ocean. This exchange of water is poorly resolved in climate simulations. With new moored, hydrographic and glider observations will measure the time and space scales instrumental to the exchange of water across the shelf and, by comparing with historic observations, document changes in the Ross Sea outflow over the past decade.

This research will help us understand how water flows from under the ice shelf and how we can simulate it in an Earth System model.

Contact Project Investigator

  • Dr. Melissa Bowen, University of Auckland

School of Environment
Email: m.bowen@auckland.ac.nz
Telephone: +64-9-923-9037


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Area of investigation in the Ross Sea Ice Shelf

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