Taking the pulse of the Ross Sea Outflow

NIWA vessel Tangaroa on the ice near penguins

Melt water produced by ice shelves around Antarctica influences ocean currents, temperature and salinity around the Southern Ocean and globally. The Ross Ice Shelf to the south of New Zealand is amongst the largest Antarctic ice shelves. Currently, our capacity to model its outflow and impact on our climate system is limited.

  • Project Duration: July 2017 - July 2019
  • Project budget: $300,000 (GST excl.)

This project will take new measurements, both from ships and from robotic gliders programmed to fly up and down through the ocean, to understand how water moves between the shallow shelf and the deeper ocean. We’ll compare our findings to historical data and document the ways in which the Ross Sea outflow has changed over the past decade.

In doing so, we’ll improve how these processes are simulated in the NZ Earth System Model and contribute to more accurate predictions of New Zealand’s future climate.

Contact Project Investigator

  • Dr. Melissa Bowen, University of Auckland

School of Environment
Email: m.bowen@auckland.ac.nz
Telephone: +64-9-923-9037

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Area of investigation in the Ross Sea Ice Shelf

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