Supporting decision-making in a changing climate: tools and supporting measures

Project Duration: 1 March 2017 – 30 June 2019

Project Budget: $ 339,582

New, practical tools are needed to fulfil The Deep South Challenge’s Mission to enable New Zealanders “to adapt, manage risk and thrive in a changing climate”. In international literature and recently in practice, Dynamic Adaptive Pathways Planning (DAPP) has emerged as a practical approach to support private and government decision making in a changing climate with widening future uncertainties. DAPP begins to meet demand for a suite of practical tools that can plan ahead for changing risk profiles and climate change uncertainty relating to sea-level rise, changing flood frequency and rainfall intensity, and drought. Implementing DAPP requires decision signals and triggers (ahead of damaging impacts), and socio-economic scenarios to navigate between different future pathways. This will enable shifts to be made between adaptation options however the climate changes. Drawing from our collective expertise and experience in climate, hydrology, coastal hazards and climate change adaptation and policy research, we will develop physical, social, technical and economic signals and triggers, develop New Zealand-relevant socio-economic scenarios and scope implementation policies required to support adaptive planning applications.

Principal Investigators:

Primary Contact: Dr Judy Lawrence, NZ Climate Change Research Institute (NZCCRI) Victoria University of Wellington,, 021499011

Dr Rob Bell, NIWA, Hamilton

Dr Nick Cradock-Henry, Landcare Research, Lincoln


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