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Drafted by the Interim Science Leadership Team with input from stakeholders and submitted to MBIE on 19 December 2014, this plan details the Deep South Challenge development, science scope, governance and other relevant information.

Challenge-wide Contestable Funding

The second contestable funding round is now open.  Closes 2 March 2017

For more information see our Contestable Funding Announcement

Engagement Programme Funding

Communications and branding

There are a range of communications materials available for use by our Challenge partners.

Single download of all materials:

ZIP FILE Deep South Challenge communications and branding files (ZIP 13.4MB)

ZIP FILE Deep South Logos (ZIP 6.2MB)

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Latest news and updates

The cascading impacts of climate change

We need to better understand the interconnections of climate change says Dr Judy Lawrence, researcher at Victoria University and leading two Deep South Challenge projects

Deep South Challenge announces exciting new partnership

The Deep South Challenge is excited to be partnering with

ANTARCTICA – while you were sleeping which is showing at Auckland Museum as part of the 2017 Auckland Arts Festival.

NZ Geographic: New Zealand's Next Top Model

The Deep South Challenge (DSC) is featured in a new story in New Zealand Geographic, which is available in shops and online today.