Processes and Observations

A research vessel navigates through an ice flow

The aim of this programme is to improve our understanding of the global climate system by observing processes in Antarctica, the Southern Ocean, and the atmosphere.

Understanding our Deep South

Antarctica, the Southern Ocean and the atmosphere above them are known to have a significant influence on the climate in the Southern Hemisphere. Understanding the processes in this part of the world will improve the ability to produce more accurate climate models and projections for New Zealand.  

Funded Projects

Programme Primary Contact and Science Lead

Assoc. Professor Adrian Mcdonald

Latest news and updates

Antarctica’s great apron of sea ice just issued the world with a bold message. Now to work out what that message is

As New Zealand’s Scott Base celebrates 60 years of science on ice, Veronika Meduna writes for The Spinoff looking at one of Antarctica’s most puzzling features – the wayward behaviour of sea ice around the continent.  Her article features a Deep South Challenge researchers, and the work they are doing to undestand the physics of the sea ice.

NeSI’s supercomputer helps shed light on future climate

“NeSI is providing the supercomputing infrastructure on which we are producing climate simulations, both globally and using a regional climate model. You cannot operate an Earth System Model without a supercomputer."