Studio Antarctica: Gabby O'Connor

Platelets formed under the ice from Antarctica

Gabby O'Connor's exciting new exhibition at Pātaka ART+MUSEUM in Porirua is inspired by the science that is in constant motion on the icy continent.

19 June – 18 September 2016

Gabby O'Connor | Studio Antartica | Pataka 2016 - promotional video

[Pātaka] Gabby O’Connor’s Studio Antarctica installation is the result of a creative collaboration between contemporary fine art and cutting edge scientific research. In 2015 O’Connor spent several weeks in Antarctica working in a shipping container laboratory on sea ice 4 metres thick over 500 metre deep McMurdo Sound. While making and researching her art, O’Connor helped world-renowned scientific research team, K131, document ice platelet structures found in these sub-zero oceans. This is part of a long-term art + science alliance that explores intersections between the two disciplines.

Studio Antarctica, the installation, is in three interconnected parts that reveals the processes of the project through photography, painting and drawing, a multi-channel video projection and a site specific sculptural work made from packaging tape and light.

The Deep South National Science Challenge is proud to be associated with this exciting project!

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Date posted: 15/06/2016

Programme type: Engagement Processes and Observations