Land-use Suitability: Incorporating Climate Change Impacts

Project Duration: 1st March 2017 to 30th June 2019

Project Budget: $ 450,000

Future climate is likely to have a major impact on primary sectors and has the potential to drive major shifts in land use as previously suitable and viable climatic conditions change. In particular, land use suitability, a concept developed by the Our Land and Water (OLW) challenge will be affected by changes in climate and weather patterns. The aim of this research is to answer the question: “how will future climate impact on land-use suitability?”.

Work will be carried out in two themes: 1) developing a conceptual framework for identifying climate attributes that strongly underpin land-use suitability, and 2) testing some of these attributes under future climate scenarios, including both biophysical and socio-economic implications.

The aim is to better understand the importance of climate change impacts on the resilience of agricultural land uses, changes in land-use suitability and potential irreversible tipping points that may affect future options. By integrating biophysical potential and shifts in land-use suitability with socio-economic implications, we will enable stakeholders to integrate multiple decision criteria and better understand how to incorporate climate change within their decision-making processes.

Principal Investigators:

Primary Contact: Dr Anne-Gaelle Ausseil , Landcare Research, (04) 382 6642

Dr Mike Beare, Plant & Food Research

Dr Tony van der Weerden, AgResearch

Dr Troy Baisden, GNS Science


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