Improving the simulation of stratospheric chemistry in the New Zealand Earth System Model

  • Project Duration: 2 years
  • Project Budget: $300,000

The aim of this project is to improve the simulation of stratospheric and other trace gases in the New Zealand Earth Systems Model (NZESM).  The project targets an aspect of the model that is neither covered by current Deep South projects nor by international partners yet is of particular relevance to Southern-Hemisphere climate change.  

Stratospheric ozone depletion is a major, and seasonally the dominant driver of Southern hemisphere climate change yet common deficiencies in simulating ozone limit confidence in the realism of its influence.  Collaborating with other Deep South projects, this work will improve the simulation of stratospheric ozone and in particular Antarctic ozone depletion; it is anticipated that will contribute towards a more realistic simulation of Southern Hemisphere climate and its response to man-made climate drivers.  Such an improved simulation of climate will improve confidence in climate projections available to New Zealand, thus contributing to the mission of the Deep South National Science Challenge. The work builds on a strong heritage in stratospheric model development in New Zealand and will complement the work of our international partners in Earth System modelling. The project will collaborate closely with a Deep South core project on producing observational datasets suitable for model validation, and also further develops a long-standing relationship with Australian colleagues interested in climate-ozone links.

Contact Principal Investigator

Dr Olaf Morgenstern, NIWA,


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