Developing capacity in process assessment and improvement in NZESM through the use of the single column version of the model

picture of earth with a single column of the atmosphere

Project Duration: July 2017 to June 2018

Project Budget: $91,300

The ability of the New Zealand Earth System Model (NZESM) to project future changes in climate will be reliant on the fidelity of the representation of many processes active in the Southern middle and high latitude atmosphere and their interactions. All processes in NZESM require validation and verification, not least due to the fact that many of these processes have greater influence in the climate system in our part of the world and have not been scrutinised to the same extent as processes important for the Northern Hemisphere. This project will contribute to the Deep South Challenge mission by developing an independent means to assess and validate the physical processes in NZESM essential for simulating the climate of the Deep South.

This co-funding project provides a cost-effective method to assess the fidelity of key components of NZESM which, if required, can then be targeted for improvements. Improved representation of key processes in NZESM will result in better simulations of future changes in climate over New Zealand and thereby reduce uncertainties projections of the impacts and implications of climate change.  In addition to building on existing expertise and resources, this project feed back into core Deep South Challenge goals by enhancing the fidelity of NZESM and will raise Earth System modelling capability in the New Zealand scientific community.


Contact Principle Investigator

Greg Bodeker, Bodeker Scientific


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